calculated amount of desiccant is required inside the barrier foil bag to adsorb any existing water vapour and to neutralise the small amounts of water vapour which may pass through the barrier foil.

We can advise customers on the most appropriate size and quantity of Desiccant required for the barrier foil application.

Desiccant Calculation

For Temperate Climates: W=11ARM+DF

For Tropical Climates: W=40ARM+DF



W = Weight in grammes of basic desiccant.

A = Area in square metres of moisture vapor barrier.

R = Water vapour transmission rate of the barrier in grammes per square metre per 24 hours, measured at 90% RH and 38°C (100°C).

M = Maximum time in months of transit and storage.

D = Dunnage; weight in grammes of foam, cushioning, cardboard, timber and any other hygroscopic packaging.

F = Factor, depending on the type of dunnage.

If you require any assitance on calculating your desiccant requirements then  please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 976 2006.

Further Information

  • Maintains product quality
  • Activated clay and silica gel available
  • Provides a measurable pack performance when used in conjunction with barrier foil liners
  • Any hermetically sealed package where the item requires protection from water vapour
  • Commercial and military applications

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