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ISO 9001:2015

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Order Quantities


Lead Times


ISO 9001:2015

No Minimum

Order Quantities

Our Capabilities

Core Competencies

Protective Packaging Ltd is experts in the design, supply and manufacture of a range of barrier foil packaging. Their in-house manufacturing facilities consist of hand fabrication and automated fabrication. All of their products are produced and manufactured to ISO 9001: 2015 Standards.


Able to offer no minimum order quantities on many formats of their barrier foil packaging, tailor the packaging to your exact needs with no limitations on size with short lead times.

Automated Fabrication

We continually invest in new automated technology to enhance our in-house capabilities. Our latest additions consist of

  • A 3 dimensional bag making machine
  • 2 dimensional bag making machine producing large flat bags/tubes and sheets
  • Slitter / re-winder enabling us to cut material to your bespoke requirements for either roll purchases or manufacture on the machinery
  • Bottle shaped liner machine for producing filling and discharging spouts on F.I.B.C. Liners
  • Round Bottom cylinder drum machines, producing 8 different drum diameter sizes.

Hand Fabrication

Has been the foundation of Protective Packaging Ltd since day one and has been what has allowed us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Hand Fabrication has no limits in terms of variety, size and number of products that can be ordered and manufactured.

Laminate Grade Options include:

  • Food Contact Approved
  • Static Dissipative
  • Hot-fill and Retortable
  • US Mil-Spec Approved
  • Absolute ZERO Vapour and Gas Transmission
  • Cost-effective metallised Duplexes

Extended Shelf Life due to:

  • Ensuring original properties of taste, colour, odour and texture are all retained
  • Residual Moisture and Oxygen levels are maintained within tolerance
  • Reduces the need for expensive modified atmosphere warehousing
  • Ensure cleanliness of container
  • Avoids odour transfer in and out
25kg Barrier Foil Vented Sacks
Barrier Foil Bag Sealing
Hand Held Heat Sealer

Typical Applications & Usages:

Dried Product Protection

–          Food Ingredients & Flavours

–          Pharmaceuticals

–          Polymers & Resins

–          Chemicals

–          Masterbatch

–          Healthcare

 Corrosion Protection

–          Machinery

–          Electronics

–          Automotive Parts

–          Engineering Equipment

–          Military and Defence Equipment

–          Scientific Instruments

All of our laminates and packaging formats are manufactured in ISO 9001 and BRC accredited facilities.

The Protective Packaging name has become synonymous with quality and peace of mind, which only come through understanding the products we protect and the properties of the materials available to us.