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  • The Importance of Drum Liners

    Steel and plastic drums are the ideal packaging solution for a range of different industries, making them a popular choice with manufacturers. As the containers are often used to transport liquids, chemicals, and even food items, it is vital that […]

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  • What is Aluminium Barrier Foil

    Aluminium Barrier Foils comprise of 3 or 4 layers of different materials, bonded together with adhesive or extrusion polyethylene. They derive their properties from a strong construction as outlined in the below diagram. The Aluminium layer is an extremely important material […]

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  • Farm, Foil, Feast

    Mail-to-order fresh food, chilled packaging solutions! Today, consumers have everything at their fingertips allowing them to make purchasing decisions much more easily and conveniently. The improved, ease of accessibility to the internet has enabled around-the-clock-shopping, allowing consumers to be in […]

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