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Protective Packaging Ltd has entered a new partnership with M2 for the supply of our Printers and Copiers. This new deal means that printing is now cheaper than ever, with great savings over the next 3 years but most important, providing simple to use Business Intelligent functionality to all departments.

So how can you do your bit to help save for the company and the environment?

Follow these 4 simple steps, 1: Only print it out if you really need a copy, 2: make sure you print out to one of the new Ricoh printers, 3: print in Black and White first only selecting colour if it’s a real necessity. 4: Use the Business Intelligent function and e-mail yourself a copy keeping the data digital.

M2 are one of the largest maintained Printer and Copier suppliers in the world and the Ricoh equipment we now have will help reduce our carbon footprint as each printer uses less power and greater efficiency to handle Protective Packaging’s print requirements

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