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Working within the Customer Support department at Protective Packaging offers new and exciting challenges every day. We are often contacted by Customers asking for advise on particular applications, below is an enquiry we received where the customer needed our help and expertise.

“I need to pack thousands of small metal components for shipment to and storage in the tropics. They are each 2x1x1cm and have arrived in cardboard boxes with pigeon hole partitions. They need to stay in these boxes but are too small for individual foil bags so how can I ensure they are protected from moisture damage”

Our response to the question was;  “You should be able to enclose the boxes into desiccated foil bags. We would need to know the weight of the cardboard within each bag to calculate the dunnage factor in the British Standard desiccant formula so we can advise how much desiccant is required per bag. We would advise to spread the desiccant throughout the pack and always ensure the components are not in direct contact with cardboard i.e. wrapped in open cell foam or similar as cardboard can become acidic when damp”.3D Barrier Foil Liner

With 25 years expertise under our belts, we can come up with a solution for the most unusual requirements.

You can contact our Customer Support team on 0161 976 2006 for our help & advise.

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