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foil bag for machinery Our customers at Protective Packaging often contact us when they have a need to monitor the humidity levels within a sealed bag. This is often a requirement when goods are being shipped or stored for long periods of time.

In situations like this we would offer a Humidity Indicator, which we would integrate into the barrier foil bag. The way that a Humidity Indicator works is that it provides a humidity monitor of the bag contents, a measure of the effectiveness of the aluminium barrier foil bag and desiccant which are used to protect the products from moisture ingress.

We use two styles of humidity indicators, a humidity card that we place behind a clear panel and a more sophisticated version, a screw in indicator. The way that the indicators work is that a blue colouration to the card indicates that the relative humidity is below the critical level and that therefore corrosion has not taken place.

The key benefits of using a humidity indicator is that it is a cost effective why of monitoring products during long term storage. It eliminates product damage and monitors the condition of the goods during storage and transit.

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