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As Protective Packaging Ltd is based in Manchester, it occurred to me that our Customer Support team might say something on the telephone which might not be understood by our customers in other parts of the country.  So here is a list of things you might hear when speaking to us:


This doesn’t mean that something is no longer alive, here in Manchester it means Extremely, e.g. “Our barrier foil liners are dead good”.


You might hear someone say “That’s sound” when you place an order with us.  Don’t be alarmed, they just mean that your order is good/decent and we appreciate your business.


This actually means “rubbish” so you won’t hear our staff saying this; none of our products are bobbins!


The only product this might relate to is our Prodripole which you may want to purchase for hanging in a container to protect your shipment from going mouldy whilst in transit, but in Manchester hanging also means disgusting, e.g. “That chip butty looks hanging”, so don’t get the two meanings mixed up.


This usually means good or satisfactory, or a structure created by digging to access water, but here at Protective Packaging you might hear us use the term in the following context: “ShockWatch  are a well bad product, they stop your goods from being damaged in transit”.  Don’t be concerned that they are described as ‘well bad’, it’s a good thing!


This is a personal favourite of mine, having been brought up in Surrey I always think of the break in the middle of the day as Lunch, and my evening meal is Dinner, but if you telephone Protective Packaging during 12pm and 2pm you might be told that the person you need to speak to is “on their dinner” which might confuse you and make you look at the clock!  You may also be told that someone is making a BREW which might make you think they are mixing hops and sugar together to make some beer, but in fact they are just making a cup of tea or coffee!

Of course this is just a bit of fun and I don’t imagine that you will hear any of our staff using these phrases, we are a professional company and you will always get a professional response when telephoning us, whether it is to place an order or any other request, we will do our very best to help you.  But please bear in mind that we are Mancunians, and proud of it!


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