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The Ultimate Guide to Military Packaging: DEF STAN & MIL SPEC


Protective Packaging Ltd design and manufacture laminates that meet the latest DEF STAN & MIL SPEC requirements. We manufacture a range of military specification packaging solutions for the Military and Defence industry. Our laminates meet the latest DEF STAND & MIL SPEC requirements.

Our aluminium foil bags and liners safeguard equipment from moisture, oxygen ingress, UV rays, grease and any other corrosion-causing elements.

Aluminium barrier foils have the lowest transmission rates of any known flexible material, maintaining the residual moisture and oxygen levels. Our product eliminates moisture and oxygen ingress.

The barrier foil laminates we supply, comply with the most recent requirements of DEFSTAN 81-147 and MIL-PRF-131K Class 1 specifications.


Photo by John Torcasio on Unsplashmilitary defense and aerospace gray fighter jet with a man insideThe Ultimate Guide to Military Packaging: DEF STAN & MIL SPEC

What Is DEF STAN And Why Does It Matter?

DefStan 81-147 is the British Ministry of Defence standard that covers barrier foil laminates (metal foil laminate or thick PVC) and bags or pouches that are water-resistant to be used for the packaging of military material for the Ministry of Defence.

This Defence Standard specifies the requirements for three types of heat- sealable, flexible, aluminium foil laminates suitable for use in packaging where low water-vapour transmission rates (WVTR) are required.

This standard also specifies requirements for robust or semi-robust water vapour resistant (WVR) bags used in military packaging and storage applications from bags that are fabricated from metal foil laminate and considered semi-robust.

Desiccant falls under defstan as well and specifies requirements for the; manufacture, performance, testing and storage of bags filled with either silica gel or activated clay for use as a drying agent inside a water vapour-proof or water vapour-resistant barrier for MOD packaging. We supply desiccants that meet this specific requirement and use them in conjunction with our barrier foil bags to protect the contents from moisture, oxygen ingress, UV rays, grease and many other corrosion-causing elements.

Any company or companies that wish to work within the shipping or storage of military equipment, for government or defence contracts. Needs to be aware of this standard and understand why is it important. Anyone undertaking this kind of work needs to choose a packaging supplier that understands these needs and is accredited to undertake the work. Here at protective packaging, we have been dealing with defstan since its creation. We have over 34 years of climatic packaging experience.


What is MIL SPEC and why is it important?

When products require protection from moisture and oxygen ingress, or any other corrosion causing elements, the defence and aerospace companies turn to aluminium foil barrier bags commonly used in the packaging specification MIL-PRF-131 K Class 1 specification. The government uses this specification when it determines that an item it needs, must be shipped to them in a bag. The Material these bags are manufactured from must be water vapour proof, greaseproof, flexible and heat-sealable, as well as pass the government’s testing requirements.

These bags must not only pass tests put forth by the military, but they also must contain certain information printed on the bags. This information includes

  • The specification number & revision letter type
  • Style & class
  • Bag manufacturer and bag designation
  • Month and year of the bags were made

This information is required because it offers traceability.

You can view the full DEF STAN 81-147 publishing here:

How we can help

Our specialist team will work with you to create the best packaging solution for your needs. Whether it is to be a customised aluminium barrier foil 2 or 3-dimensional bag, box/carton liner or sheets we will help you define the most cost-effective and efficient solution for your project. We are experts in DEF STAN & MIL SPEC specification packaging.

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