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Machinery Packaging Solutions

Aluminium Barrier Foil Packaging for Machinery

The storage and transport of machinery can often be tricky as they are normally uniquely sized and shaped, and contain delicate parts which must be protected against moisture and corrosion.

We provide a range of packaging solutions for machinery, including custom 3-D Barrier Foil Bags which we can manufacture to the exact specifications of any machinery, no matter its size or shape.


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When hermetically sealed in our 3-D bags, machinery requires less desiccant to be used per bag and offers less sealing time.

Our selection of packaging solutions for machinery has no minimum order quantity – even for custom orders – has no limitations when it comes to shape and size and we calculate your exact material requirements so there is no excess waste!

Key Points

  • No limitation on Size or Shape
  • Short Lead Times
  • No minimum order quantity
  • Suitable for anti-static applications
  • Wide range of Barrier Foil Laminates available
  • No need to use preservations methods which require cleaning