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Food Preservation Packaging

Barrier Foil Packaging for Food Preservation

Food preservative packaging is vital for keeping food ingredients and flavours in their original condition. These delicate products can easily be affected by atmospheric changes in terms of their taste, colour and odour, if they are not properly packaged and sealed.

We offer a range of food packaging aluminium foil bags which effectively stop any atmospheric gases from passing through the packaging barrier and altering the organoleptic properties of the products contained within.

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Our range of food preservation packaging options offers numerous benefits. Not only do they maintain oxygen and residual moisture levels within the tolerated range, but they also do away with the need for modified atmosphere warehousing – which can often be costly to acquire and maintain.

To ensure that you find the perfect aluminium barrier foil for your needs, our food packaging aluminium foil bags come in a range of different varieties and sizes.

Key Points

  • Food contact approved aluminium barrier.
  • Residual moisture and oxygen levels are maintained within tolerance.
  • Reduces the need for expensive, modified atmosphere warehousing.
  • Avoids odour transfer in and out of the package.
  • Preserves products original colour.
  • Industry-leading, lead times.