Aerospace Barrier Foil Packaging protects and preserves Aerospace engines and spare parts due to its low water vapour transmission rate and other anti-corrosive properties. We are capable of manufacturing aluminium barrier packaging that will cover entire aircrafts, wings, engines and any other aerospace equipment you require protecting.

  • Appropriately coloured laminates available, which are approved to worldwide defence and military standards.
  • Barrier Laminates that are suitable for anti-static applications
  • Laminates available that exceed the requirements of MIL PRF-8175D.
  • Short lead times and no minimum order quantity
  • No need to use preservation methods which require cleaning

We offer a wide range of Aluminium Barrier Foil 2 & 3 Dimensional Bags, Rolls, pouches, sheets and ISO Container Liners that can all  be customised to your specific requirements, with no minimum order quantities, short lead times and a dedicated team that are happy to work with you and your project.

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