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Here at Protective Packaging Ltd, we are always keen to do our bit for charity.  This year myself and one  of my colleagues, Laura decided to arrange to participate in the great MacMillan Coffee Morning on Friday 30th August and set about baking to feed the masses.  Our resident “queen of cakes”, Julie also joined in the Great Bake Off.

We laid our wares out in the reception area, having first covered the table top with a piece of our famous “Barrier Foil”, before using the colourful cloth sent by MacMillan in the information pack.  At the end of the day we managed to raise a total of £128.30 for this very worthy cause, so a great big thank you goes to everyone who supported us.

As you can see in the background of the picture, our Barrier Foil is also an excellent product for making “Drum Liners” and liners for “FIBC” bags.  Our customer Support colleagues will be only too happy to take your call to discuss your requirements for our famous “Barrier Foil” not only for use as table cloths but to protect all your needs.


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