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barrier foil v polytheneMany people are under the assumption that barrier foil packaging will work out more expensive compared with their current method. In comparison to traditional polythene packaging this is true with regard to the cost of the actual bag or liner,however, it’s vital to compare all the other associated items which make Barrier Foil the best and cheapest option.
The major issue is the amount of desiccant required within a barrier foil bag. Calculated to British Standard 1133 Section 19 the superior moisture vapour barrier properties of the barrier foil allows the total amount of desiccant to be reduced dramatically. Less desiccant can also mean reduced freight costs.
Another saving is the elimination of any preservation methods which are time consuming in both the application before packing and removal when delivered.
Finally, and most importantly, the machine arrives at it’s destination in perfect condition with no sign of corrosion, a cost saving which needs no explanation.

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