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Lindow Man protected in foilWe were contacted in 2008 by the Manchester Museum with a very interesting requirement. They were exhibiting Pete Marsh – aka Lindow Man, and needed some Protective Packaging barrier foil bags for protection of the 2000 year old artefacts that were travelling to the museum with him.

The “Lindow Man” was discovered in 1984 in Mobberley, Cheshire. As this is where I live I was very interested to find out more.

From his preserved remains, it has been estimated that “Lindow Pete” was 25 years of age when he died, he was approximately 5ft 7 in tall and weighed 9 ½ – 10 stone. His torso, head, arms were discovered in 1984 in a peat bog on Lindow Moss – though his body below the waist is still missing apart from his right leg. The body was found by a peat-cutter who was extracting peat from the Moss for use in gardens. Lindow Man was lying on his back, leaning to his right, with his head on his right shoulder.
It is believed that he suffered a violent and brutal ‘triple death.’ He was struck on the top of his head twice with a heavy object, perhaps a narrow bladed axe, driving a sliver of bone into his brain. He had a thin cord tied around his neck which was used to strangle him and break his neck. By now he was probably dead, but then his throat was cut. Finally, he was placed face down in a pond in the bog. The acidic, oxygen-free conditions in the peat bog meant that the man’s skin, hair and many of his internal organs were extremely well preserved, Since the discovery, Lindow Man has been freeze dried for preservation and his cabinet is the most climate controlled in the British Museum.

Of course nobody knows for sure the reason for Lindow Man’s death, some people have argued that he was the victim of a ritual murder and sacrificed to the Gods by Druids. It’s also possible that Lindow Man was a scapegoat of his local community who blamed him for the failure of crops, disease or famine.
I was very glad that I picked up this interesting call, I have since visited the area in which “Lindow Pete’s body was found.

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