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Kwikstick is a butyl sealant and is used to ‘seal’ up bags for applications where it is impossible to use a heat sealer due to regulations or because there is no electricity supply available.
Kwikstick sticks directly to the barrier foil bag and when the seal is ready to be made, the backing strip is peeled off. It can be used on bolt holes, across or all around the bag to act as a seal.
Key features of Kwikstick are as follows:
• Good adhesion
• UV resistance
• Easy and accurate to use with little waste
• Remains flexible
• The soft composition makes it highly conformable
To attach Kwickstick to a barrier foil bag, the surface should be clean, dry and free from dust, grease and loose materials. Apply direct from the reel onto one surface and press sufficiently along it’s whole length to achieve a good initial adhesion. Remove backing paper and offer other surface to the sealant and push firmly to seal across the joint.
Kwikstik is supplied as a preformed strip on a siliconised release paper.

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