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case lining material100% Waterproof Case Lining

Protective Packaging’s case lining is perfect for keeping the contents of an export crate perfectly dry, especially if the goods are being shipped across the other side of the world there is a risk they may come into contact with rain or sea water.

Our case lining is made from cross woven polyester and is designed to line the lid of the case whilst leaving a flap all the way around which means that any rain water will run straight off the sides. Due to its strength, it is tear resistant and also offers UV properties to give you the extra peace of mind that your products will arrive in tip top condition especially if used with our array of other climatic protection products such as barrier foil, desiccant and humidity indicators. Please have a look at our website for a full range of our products:

A versatile material, we have even supplied it to catering companies to protect their flooring during events!

Case lining is available in both 6ft and 12ft roll widths and is available at short notice.

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