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drum linersBarrier foil laminates can be converted into all kinds of shapes and sizes by Protective Packaging Ltd, from round bottomed drum liners to bags to enclose huge marine diesel engines.

Our customers are well aware that enclosing their products into a hermetically sealed barrier foil bag or liner will protect them from climatic influences such as moisture or oxygen ingress, preventing initiation of the corrosion process for metal items of equipment and machines, or degradation of many foodstuffs, chemicals and pharmaceutical products.

Foil laminates create an effective barrier to all gases, including odours emanating either from within the pack or from an outside source. Therefore flavours in foods and additives can be preserved at a constant level and odours contained. Odours from outside sources are similarly prevented from transferring to the contents and tainting them. This is a very useful attribute for the packaging of flavoured teas, herbs and spices etc.

Also, protection from light is no problem. Products which degrade when exposed to Ultra Violet or other light frequencies can be protected long term by full enclosure into barrier foil.

Useful stuff, isn’t it ?

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