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The IT department has undertaken dramatic changes this year, starting with the return of Andy Thompson to Protective Packaging Ltd as IT Manager.

This change has brought about a review of all 3rd party contracts, and we have successfully completed the first ‘Pen to Paper’. We are currently entering a new 3 year partnership with M2 to supply new Printers and Copiers to our business. This contract includes a move to new up rated equipment, and will replace both large Printer/Copiers in the Customer Support and Marketing departments, and the addition of 5 new printers for all of the other departments.  This is a managed service, which means that all the printers will be maintained and serviced by M2, who will also supply the toner.

This is not the only service that will be changing in the coming months, it’s the first ball to start rolling in the planned IT upgrades to improve  our computerised procedures and ensure the best methods for speed and efficiency.

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