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The impulse hand sealer allows you to seal bags and is designed for all kinds of thermoplastic materials. The sealer is suitable for films such as polyethylene or polypropylene.

The thickness of the material to be sealed should not exceed 1mm.

We can offer you a range of sealing bar lengths: 30, 40, 50 or 60 cm. The width of the sealing bar is 3mm.

In comparison to sealers for heat sealable barrier films, where the temperature remains constant once it has been set, the impulse sealer comes with a separate power supply unit that allows you to select the sealing time for different materials according to their thickness. For each seal that you need to do, you can adjust the impulse generator. When you close the bars, the impulse generator sends electric impulses that heats them.

How to use?

Put the material to be sealed between the sealing bars. Close the bars. An indicating light shows the sealing time of 2 to 3 seconds. The light will turn off once this time has elapsed but you should keep the bars closed for a little longer. Then open the bars and the seal will be complete.

We also provide a maintenance and repair service if required.

Please note: The impulse heat hand sealer is not suitable for heat sealable barrier films with an aluminium layer or with a PET/ALU/PE composition. For heat sealable barrier films please contact us and we will be happy to give you information regarding constant heated hand sealers.  

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