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Mylar® bags have quickly become an extremely popular way of storing food short and long term. Their key strengths come from the protection the bags provide from light, moisture and heat ingress. They also help maintain the organoleptic properties of the foodstuff, resulting in fresher products. Popular short term items such as crisps, chocolate and other common snacks will use a Mylar® bag. With a little help from a Oxygen scavenger dried/dehydrated foods can be stored for 5-15 years. They can be made in many styles, the most popular being flat pouches and stand up pouches.  These bags although commonly used in the food industry can also be used in a wide variety of sectors thanks to the barrier foil aspects of the bag. Including Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Pigments and Paints, Adhesives and Resins.

Whatever the application we are sure we have a Mylar® bag to satisfy your requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer services team.


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