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Humidity Indicators provide a humidity monitor of the bags contents – a measure of the effectiveness of the barrier foil bag & desiccant at protecting your products against moisture ingress. The need to open the bag to check the product is not required when using an indictor as the blue colouration to the card indicates the relative humidity is below critical level and that therefore corrosion has not taken place.

If the Humidity Indicator has changed colour to pink, this is an indication that the humidity within the bag has increased, this is easily reversed by simply adding new desiccant to the barrier foil bag.

Indicators can be integrated into the bag to continually monitor the relative humidity. This can be in the form of a Screw In Indicator or an Indicator Card positioned behind a clear window.

Foil Bag with humidity indicatorHumidity Indicators are particularly suited to applications where the pack is stored on-site for long periods of time but is also beneficial when goods are being shipped, providing protection to products during export and transport.


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