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barrier foil rollsAt Protective Packaging Ltd we supply our Barrier Foil products all over the world to protect hundreds, if not thousands of different products from moisture ingress.

One of our customers purchases printed rolls of Barrier Foil which are 1500 mm wide and 1400 mtrs long and since the last Olympic Games in Beijing we have shipped 480 rolls to them. This equates to 1008000 square metres and with this amount of material we could cover 10080 full size Olympic Judo mats or 672000 linear metres, this equates to 6720 – 100 metre sprints.

During the 2012 games it would take Usain Bolt over 18 hours to run this distance if he could keep up his Olympic record 9.683 time for the 100 metres or Paula Radcliffe (if she were at fully fit) over 36 hours to run this distance which is approximately 16 marathons.

This is just one of our many customers who purchase barrier foil roll material from us. We aslo manufacture Barrier Foil in Sheets, Flat Bags, 3 dimensional Bags, Tubes, Discs, Drum Liners, Octabin Liners, and FIBC Liners to protect any product whatever the shape or size.

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