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The coat of arms of Trafford Borough Council bears this as its motto – a sentiment which can inspire at many levels. Here at Protective Packaging Ltd., based in Trafford , we are living and working proof that good things are ours to cherish and promote.

The development and production of high quality, climatic, packaging has always been our strength – the introduction and nurturing of improved production methods has been our lifeline – and the training and competence of our dedicated staff has been our safeguard. Our watchword has always been “Quality Control” – and our market awareness has kept us in the forefront in the competitive challenge – not only in the UK., but overseas as well.

Let us think of tomorrow – our products – barrier foil, zipper pouches, container liners, desiccant, humidity indicators, shock indicators, drum liners, prodripoles – all have these same features in common – they are useful, reliable, practical and sensibly priced – all qualities which we are proud to foster. Our delivery policy leaves nothing to chance – we can track every order until it has been safely received.

Above all, we, at Protective Packaging know that our customers appreciate high quality, value for money and excellent customer care. Yes, at Protective Packaging, we realise that to keep something safe – you need to look after it. We are indeed holding fast, that which is good – (as St. Paul first wrote to the Thessalonians) – our reputation, our valued customers and our future.

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