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Remember the days when documents had to be on paper and posted or couriered to the recipient? An enquiry could take days, (even weeks) to be responded to in writing. The only alternative was phone calls, which rely upon accurate notes (or memory) and leave no record of the information given, with potentially embarrassing or disastrous consequences.

Then the telex machine was invented! Remember those? It would clatter away all day in the corner of an office, typing messages as an exact replica of that typed by the sender. But it could only receive one message at a time and the typed document still had to be delivered to the internal recipient, which, if they were away on business meant that the good old telephone had to be resorted to again.

After that came the fax machine. An improvement on telex because it would deliver a replica of a document instantly, but it could still only received one message at a time which had to be hand delivered.

These days communications systems are incredible. Email messages, drawings, photographs, documents, artwork files, spreadsheets etc., can be compiled electronically and transmitted instantly to the recipient’s PC or laptop, wherever they happen to be. Without a tree having to be felled.

At Protective Packaging we fully embrace modern information technology and communications systems because we respond fast! We offer a diverse range of Climatic and Impact protection products and love a challenge, whether it is to deliver an order the morning after receipt or develop and sample a completely new product in double quick time.

Enquiries, questions, orders, sample requests etc., are processed immediately and efficiently so that we pleasantly surprise customers with our response times and the accuracy of our expert interpretation of their requirements. (We know this because they tell us so when we go to see them personally. There is still no real substitute for face to face meetings!).

I wonder what the next great advance in digital communications will be ? Rest assured, we will use it to it’s full potential if it helps us to stay ahead of our competitors.


  1. Unfortunately I am old enough to remember the telex machine, in fact I worked as a telex operator for several years and I loved it. You certainly paid attention to what you were typing, because if you realised you had made a mistake you had to count back the correct amount of characters to the mistake, then block out every character and re-type everything that came after the mistake! Nothing like the ‘cut’ and ‘paste’ format of today.

  2. Same here I can remember having to share a desk with a fax machine. Apart form it taking up over half of the desk it made a lot of noise and it took about five minutes to receive or send one page. It was slow but it was better than having to wait for a few days for an order or drawing to come in the post.

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