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A recent upgrade to Protective Packaging’s network means we are now using one of the most secure and reliable WiFi networks available. So why not make more use of it and help the Quality Department work in Real Time.  An idea was sprung to use Tablets to input the various data collections direct into the Protective Packaging’s bespoke Database.  What Tablet do we use to achieve this ?  After trials we found that because our systems are so versatile we could actually use any, either iPad, Android, Amazon or Windows.  The only requirement was that it could connect to our Remote Desktop servers.

Once we thought more about the Tablet we decided on Fusion5, simply as it runs Windows 10 and has a USB Port. This helps if we want to connect a Keyboard and Mouse.  The Tablet is only the start, we had to create new screens that didn’t need a Keyboard or Mouse, one that we could use our Fingers to control.  The IT Department has once again pushed Protective Packaging’s Database to the limits to create the screens needed to simplify, speed up input and have our Quality data live and in Real Time.


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