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Protecting your products from temperature extremes

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Britain has enjoyed its hottest day of the year this weekend surpassing the likes of Ibiza and Thailand’s temperatures! With this in mind, we thought that you’d appreciate some further information on how you can protect your temperature sensitive products from this beautiful weather.

In this article, we will explore how our manufactured range of laminates including our PPUV129 laminate is the perfect partner for your temperature sensitive products.

PPUV129’s combination of reflective metallised, polyester film and thermally insulating bubble polyethylene enables it to control your products temperature through various temperature extremes.

Our materials are suitable for the protection of all product formulation types, across a range of industries, including Pharmaceuticals, Food Ingredients and Speciality Chemicals. They can also be considered as a substitute to polystyrene in reducing the sublimation of dry ice!

Bespoke packaging formats including pallet hoods, carton in-liners, bags and pouches to suit each requirement to give protection against extremes are available.

Key Benefits:

Low Water Vapour Transmission Rates

Approved for Food Contact

Protect Product Integrity

Samples are available for your evaluation, please contact Customer Support on 0161 976 2006, Opt 2 for further information.