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Our HZ Hand Sealers are a light weight, mobile hand sealer which is ready to be used in all positions. Both sealing bars are permanently heated and the temperature can be adjusted to suit all different types of barrier foil laminates, removing the need to have multiple types of hand sealers just to attend to different barrier foil types.

The HZ SHandheld heat sealing equipmentealers have a sturdy sealing jaw which 12mm wide, giving you perfect sealing results! Their improved technology makes them indispensible to those that are responsible for providing a hermetic seal. They allow you to seal a coated aluminium film and all other barrier materials, within a matter of seconds  but still provide a top of the range seal, aiding the protection of your products from climatic change.



HZ Hand Sealers are available in 300mm, 400mm and 500mm sealing weld lengths.  Please visit our dedicated heat sealer page here or contact our customer support team for further information, here.

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