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Vanessa comments on her first few weeks at PPL

January has been both a busy and interesting month for me at Protective Packaging Limited. Being new to both the company and the packaging industry as of January 2011, there has been, and continues to be, a lot for me to learn! The plan is that over the course of the first three years of my career with Protective Packaging, I will work for a period in each of the departments, gaining an understanding how each one functions to give me a firm grounding in how they all contribute to the continued success of PPL.

I started out in the Purchasing department, so I’ve been learning about the barrier foil laminates we produce and supply, and the aluminium liners, bags and sacks which we convert the laminate rolls into in-house. Part of my placement has been working in the warehouse getting goods ready to dispatch to customers. Here I was able to see firsthand the vast range of products we sell such as the Shockwatch and Tiltwatch indicators, as well as humidity and temperature indicators.

I have also taken a trip to visit one of our European based laminating partners with our Sales Director, Simon. This trip coincided with one of our customers successfully auditing the facility. It was a very productive trip for me and I feel fortunate to work for a business that is keen to offer new team members such opportunities so early in their time here.

This week I will be attending the EasyFairs packaging exhibition at the NEC, Birmingham with my colleagues from Purchasing and Sales.

During the coming weeks I will continue to work in the Purchasing department where I hope to be able to broaden my knowledge of the supply chain function by starting with the procurement of raw materials.

I’ll be writing again in April with further updates. In the meantime I’d like to say thank you to everyone so far for helping me to settle in so well; it’s very much appreciated!


  1. Hi, very interesting blog!
    Did you enjoy EasyFairs at NEC?

    Of the entire Packtech lineup I'd say that Atwell Self Adhesive Labellers and Amcor Flexibles were the most impressive.

    But I suppoose with a sponsor like Sig Combibloc the event was bound to be enjoyable!

  2. Hello! I very much enjoyed the exhibition, thank you for asking. For me, the whole experience was very interesting as it was my first opportunity to see a variety of companies from the packaging industry. Just being able to see the vast variety of packaging solutions that are being produced was a real eye opener to me, and the quality of the print on some of the pouches I saw was remarkable. It also provided me with the chance to meet in person some of the companies with which we work, allowing me to put a face to the name which is always nice! I agree with you that Atwell’s stand was impressive; they have very sophisticated machinery!

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