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From the song…”Who in the world would ever know what Columbus could do/
If Queen Isabella hadn’t hocked her jewels in 1492 – but she had timin’”
Thinking about one of the greatest explorers of all time, it is a pity that Protective Packaging Ltd was not around then. Why? – because the mortal remains of Christopher – held aloft in a coffin supported by four marble courtiers in Seville Cathedral – now weighs only six ounces.
With all the international disputes and family arguments about where his remains and coffin should finally rest – it is thought he travelled more after he had died that when he was alive!
So – if you have any treasures to preserve or transport, or any memorabilia to cherish, or family records to keep safe, contact Protective Packaging – now – and our experts in Customer Support will advise and recommend the most suitable of our products , whether foilbag, foil pouch, bubble wrap, case lining or cushioning – not forgetting the right amounts of desiccant or activated clay – to keep those special memories intact.
Timing is important – look after something precious today – you can store up treasures for tomorrow!

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