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With the wonderful weather that we’ve been experiencing over the past few days it makes you think how susceptible some goods must be to the extreme heat changes during storage and transit.

Logistics companies specialising in pharmaceutical and healthcare export Thermal Pallet Cover services experience problems with temperature variations and this problem has been resolved with the introduction of Thermal Pallet Covers manufactured by Protective Packaging Limited. These covers protect products from variations in temperature, helping to maintain quality and freshness.

The covers are manufactured in PPUV129 material which is a 2 layer laminate consisting of metalized polyester and bubble polythene. The simplicity of these protective covers means that there is very little additional packaging time needed to create a secure thermal protective casing. A flat oversized base sheet is laid on the pallet and the goods are placed on top. The top hat shaped cover is then placed over the top and the base sheet is then folded up and sealed securely. To guarantee the whole pack remains intact during transit, strapping bands are placed around the pallet to secure the goods and the cover

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