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Here at Protective Packaging our catalogue of barrier foil laminates is constantly expanding and evolving to suit the many applications. That’s why our Customer and Sales Support team (myself included), recently underwent a training course on our barrier foil  laminates with our “Fountain of Knowledge” Mr Paul Walker, so we can pass on this ever expanding knowledge of our complex barrier foil laminates to you the customer!  We can then convert these barrier foils into any size bag
Foil Bag or liner you may require for any purpose.

As well as the training on our barrier foil laminates, we also took part in a days sales training with an external consultant,  developing the skills that we require to obtain the correct  information,   ensuring that  we provide you,  the user, with accurate information and the correct products for your application, be it the barrier foil laminates themselves, our waterproof case lining, desiccants, hand sealers,  cushioning or shock prevention equipment such as Skid-Mates, Shockwatch,  Tip’N’Tell indicators or drop and tell indicators.

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