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So it’s my turn to write a blog, and after several sleepless nights trying to think of a subject, I decided to write about something unrelated to Protective Packaging Ltd. Foil bags for Sugar Paste

My hobby is making cakes so this week-end I went to Event City in Trafford to visit the Cake International Show. As well as stands selling everything for the cake maker, there were lots of competition cakes on display. I was completely bowled over by some of them, and my personal favourite was this one of a chicken. I can only imagine the amount of hours put into a cake of this standard. The only possible connection I can think of between cakes and Protective Packaging is that flower paste, sugar paste and icing sugar are often sold in barrier foil pouches, so if you are a manufacturer of these items maybe we can help you. We can provide any size barrier foil bags, liner or pouch to keep your product fresh. Please contact our Customer Support department with your enquiry

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