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At Protective Packaging we manufacture the majority of our 3D & 2D barrier foils bags to order, taking into consideration our customers specific requirements on quantity, size and style. However there is a demand for a standard 25kg barrier foil gusseted sack and we hold this item in stock so that we can despatch orders immediately if a customer has an urgent requirement.

The gusseted foil sacks comprise of PET / ALU / OPA / PE, which provides the ultimate water vapour and oxygen barrier. It also prevents odour transfer, ingress of ultra violet light, mould, fungi growth and colour deterioration. The inclusion of a layer of polyamide, (OPA) in the laminate gives the liners superior puncture resistance. These liners are suitable for a wide range of applications, which include food ingredients, polymers, resins and animal feeds.

The 25 kg sacks can be supplied fitted with or without a one way degassing valve. The purpose of the one way valve is so that when product is filled then stacked on to a pallet any air or gases trapped in the bag can escape. Also, if the product that is packed liberates any gases, the gas can escape from the bag without any air entering the bag thus avoiding the bag blowing up.

We supply the 25kg sacks in box quantities of 100 and pallet quantities of 2000 pieces, and samples of the sack are available on request.

You can contact our Customer Support team for more information on this product or any item within our product range.

Caroline Davies
Customer Support Manager


  1. Good morning,

    We are looking for a 25KG sealable packaging we are using it to pack 25KG of plastic polymer. Please can you tell me if this is something you can help with and also can you print company details on the sack.

    Kind Regards,

    Daniel Burton

  2. Hi can you please provide me with a price on your 25KG foil bags from min to max quantity?
    we are based in Australia and could you pprovide an estimate on freight as well.



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