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Here at Protective Packaging Ltd we try to do our bit towards saving the environment. We purchase ‘wood free’ paper to use in our printers and photocopiers. The paper is made from wheat, or to be more precise wheat straw and other agricultural waste. It is the waste product of wheat harvesting combined with bagasse, a fibrous matter that remains after sugarcane is processed. Both are agricultural residue and would otherwise have been stubble burnt releasing greenhouse gasses.

We also purchase recycled cartridges to use in our printers, and where possible we return our used cartridges for recycling. Printer cartridges thrown in landfills and dumps take 1000’s of years to decompose and in the process release harmful gasses like nitrous oxide, that pollute both the air and water.

As mentioned in a previous blog, we are now also recycling the aluminium cans which are purchased from our vending machine in the canteen.

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