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I feel that as an IT Apprentice my knowledge has grown tremendously at Protective Packaging Ltd. Recently, Peter Wilshaw joined Protective Packaging Ltd and is now the head of the IT department. I am still learning new things on a day to day basis and I’m coming closer to finishing my Level 2 Apprenticeship, so I’m hoping to be starting my Level 3 by Christmas, which I will also be doing at Protective Packaging.

I am listed as first point of call in the IT department and although I can’t always solve issues that come my way it is a great way to learn how to solve new problems. At this stage I’m not involved in working on the database but looking forward to gaining more knowledge around this particular subject. I also look forward to refreshing my knowledge of the products manufactured by the company, such as, Barrier Foil FIBC liners, drum liners and 3D bags for export packagingCorrosion prevention for machinery.

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