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FIBC linerIn-liners eliminate product deterioration during transportation and storage

More and more companies are realising the benefits to be gained from shipping and storing sensitive bulk products within Barrier Foil liners

Manufactured by Protective Packaging Limited based in Sale, Cheshire, liners are designed to provide total climatic protection for any products which have a sensitivity to moisture, oxygen and other climatic and biological volatiles. They can also prevent odour transfer either in to or out of the products.

All liners are tailor-made to suit the dimensions and style of the outer packaging. They are particularly suited to Octabins and F.I.B.C.’s and liners can be made open topped with flat base or with a filling and/or discharge spouts, thus ensuring safe filling and emptying of the F.I.B.C. or octabin. Drum liners are manufactured with a “round bottom” to ensure there is no waste product, and they also make drums re-usable.

Barrier Foils are a flexible barrier with the lowest known water vapour and oxygen transmission rates. Industrial polythene lets water vapour and aggressive gasses seep through allowing deterioration of product to occur, but this can be eliminated by the use of Barrier Foil with or without desiccant. Our website shows how this is achieved.

Barrier Foils can save on packaging costs because the amount of desiccant used is reduced dramatically when compared with polythene Shipping costs can also be reduced in some cases due to the reduction in weight.

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