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hotelchocolatAt the beginning of March we were lucky enough to receive some free Easter Eggs from the luxury chocolatier, Hotel Chocolat. Unlike many chocolate makers, Hotel Chocolat also grows cocoa, which is of equal interest to us here at Protective Packaging as their tasty chocolate!

Our barrier foil laminates can be used to provide total climatic protection of cocoa beans during storage and transit. With both hand and automated production facilities at our site in Manchester, bags and liners can be tailor made to suit the client’s individual requirements.

Additionally, our container desiccant, ProDriPole, provides very efficient protection of delicate cocoa beans from the damaging effects of moisture at a cost effective price for cocoa bean shippers. ProDriPole is also suitable for use in storage sheds, after drying, sorting and bagging, to keep the storage area, hence the processed beans, free from damp and the danger of damage due to mould and mildew that could otherwise lead to the cocoa beans being rejected.

So, if you are a cocoa grower or shipper, wherever you may be based, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for advice and assistance with your cocoa bean storage and shipping requirements.


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