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At Protective Packaging we manufacture a wide range of round-bottom Drum Liners in various diameters.

Available in different material combinations they are also suitable  for hot fill and anti-static applications.   Product waste is reduced due to the liner fitting the exact shape of the drum, and the drum can also be recycled.

Protective Packaging round-bottom drum liners are sized to suit the dimensions of international standard-sized pails and drums ranging in rated capacities of 2L to 250L and they can be regarded as a flexible steel can.

Typical applications are the packaging of adhesives and sealants, particularly reactive hot melts, speciality chemicals, colorants, paints, pharmaceuticals, plastic resin and compounds.

The benefits you receive from using our drum liners are:

Total atmospheric barrier for product protection.

Dimensionally tailored solution.

Drum cleanliness.

Drum reusability.

Non-contamination of drum with only the liner contaminated.

Allows you to downgrade from steel to fibre or corrugated.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or a quotation.

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