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Do I need a handheld heat-sealer?

Do I need a handheld heat-sealer?

Handheld heat-sealers are barrier foil’s best friend. One of the most distinct advantages of using barrier foil is the ability to hermetically seal your product in the bag, achieved by using a handheld heat-sealer. A hermetic seal creates an airtight barrier around your product, maximising protection and improving the barrier to moisture vapour ingress.

Here at Protective Packaging, we have been using handheld heat-sealers every day for more than 30 years during the manufacture of bags for our customers.

We are experts in the hand fabrication of barrier foil bags and of automated conversion. One of our most popular products is the handheld heat-sealer for customers that wish to seal their products on-site.

What handheld heat-sealer we can offer you

The handheld heat-sealers that we offer to our customers come in a wide range of sizes, including 20cm, 30cm, 40cm and 50cm sealing jaws/bars lengths.

The HZ models Protective Packaging offers are the best on the market. Their robust design ensures a long lifespan under normal usage conditions and an excellent quality seal.

Look at our range here:


Image of Handheld Heat Sealer


Constant and Impulse handheld heat-sealer: what is the difference?

A constant heat handheld sealer is a sealer that has a continuously hot sealing bar, meaning the crimping jaws are always hot. This allows the user to seal thicker grades of laminate and work continuously through the job. The constant heat sealer is a staple of our business. It is what we use to convert our packaging in our hand fabrication department.

As well as a constant heat handheld sealer, we also offer an impulse version. The impulse sealer is the perfect option for customers who wish to seal unsupported polyethene. An impulse sealer’s sealing jaws remain cool until the jaws are depressed. This action triggers the heating element to briefly heat and seals the polyethene. The sealed finish is a thinner flat seal instead of the thicker crimped seal of constant heat.

Hand-sealer maintenance

One of our main production areas at Protective Packaging is hand fabrication. Almost the entire operation relies on the handheld heat-sealing equipment, mainly the HZ30 hand-sealers. The sealers are serviced in-house their operation is inspected to ensure the sealing quality complies with our high production standards.

Such close cooperation entails efficient communication between the departments. We ensure sufficient is dedicated to the hand sealer maintenance and repairs. Equipment safety is paramount. All our hand sealers are regularly PAT tested (Portable Appliance Test) and the cable and plug are replaced if needed. The sealing jaw is cleaned to provide the best seal quality to fabricate the perfect bag.


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