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At Protective Packaging we supply two basic types of moisture adsorbing desiccants for use in our barrier foil bags, activated clay and silica gel. They are supplied in sachets of various sizes and box quantities. We can also supply desiccant ready fitted into our foil liners under the name of ‘Progel’

The amount of desiccant needed to keep the contents of a foil bag dry depends upon the shipment destination ( tropical or temperate ), the area of the bag in square metres and the number of months the product is to be kept in the foil bag. There is a British Standard formula for this calculation which is built into our system and is described on our website.

Activated clay conforms to the requirements of British Standard BS 7529, German Standard DIN 55473 & US Military Specification MIL-D-3464E. and also meet the requirements of the relevant FDA regulations for healthcare and food use.

We supply a standard silica gel product which is enclosed in Tyvek and will adsorb moisture from sealed spaces to prevent corrosion and mould growth. We also supply silica gel that is approved to DEF Stan 81/68(3). The def stan products are used in all UK military applications meeting the exact requirements of this standard. The sachets also conform to the requirements of British Standard BS 2540

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