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When ordering from Protective Packaging it doesn’t matter what your order is for, or how large or small,  we have the know how to get it delivered to you on time and in good condition.

In a normal day we can ship out a multiple number of deliveries within the UK and all over the World.  These can be for Barrier Foil Bags or Rolls, DesiccantsProtective Packaging deliveries, Humidity Indicators, Shock Indicators or any of our wide range of products related to the protection of your valuable products.

We go from Finland in the North to Argentina in the South and from the East Coast of Australia to the West Coast of America.

To help us with this we work very closely with our freight partners to ensure your orders are delivered on time every time.

We can go from a very small package which we would ship out on a parcel courier or an airfreight agent up to a full 40 ft container containing 44 full pallet boxes which would go sea freight.

We also ship pallets out using either our UK haulier or an International haulier for European deliveries, once again this can go from a part pallet up to 44 full pallets on a normal articulated trailer.

So you can be sure no matter what your order is we will deliver it on time every time.


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