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After recently buying our first home, it’s safe to say I was less than impressed to find damp earlier this year in our newly fitted built-in wardrobes!

After starting here at Protective Packaging, I decided to invest in a Dampstick.

So far it has been hung in the Wardrobe for 5 weeks, I have been weighing it every couple of weeks and keeping track of how much water it has collected.

The starting weight of a Dampstick is 1.5kg. After the first 2 weeks, it was weighing in at 2kg! After a further 3 weeks, it now weighs over 2.5kg.

My pictures below show just how much water has been collected in just 5 weeks. And no sign of damp or mould whatsoever!

No more Mould with Dampsitck and ProDriPole

Originally developed for use in containers, Dampstick provides a cost effective and very efficient protection from the damaging effects of moisture. They are durable, long lasting and environmentally friendly. Dampsticks can be used for a wide variety of applications – from Container Storage, to use in Narrow Boats, to use in a domestic environment just as I have! Damsticks capture airborne moisture, remove it and contain it prevent any further re-circulation and can hold up to a massive 2L of water!

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  1. Hi
    I have made 2 previous purchases of packs of 8 Dampstick, the last being in August 2018

    I am unable to find this product on your website now. The entire dampstick website is unreachable. I had an account there.

    Is this product still available? I do hope it is because it works very well.

    Best wishes


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