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CushioningAt Protective Packaging we supply self adhesive cushioning which is a closed cell polyethylene foam generally used to prevent damage to the foil bag from the goods inside rubbing against the bag. The foam is usually used to cover up any sharp or rough edges on the product or used on the inside of timber packing cases to protect the outside of the foil bag. When used inside the foil bag, it does not affect the amount of desiccant required because of its closed cell structure and therefore does not class as dunnage.

Protective Packaging stock two standard widths of cushioning: 5cm and 10cm, both are 6mm thick. Non-standard widths are available on request. A ‘bundle’ of 10 rolls at 10m long each is purchased at a time.

The foam is very easy to use and does not require stapling or gluing – just peel off the back of the foam and get sticking!

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