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Protective Packaging’s success for 30 years and dominance in our sector is due to a number of factors; in particular our focus on quality, our dedication to our customers and our ability to deliver a bespoke climatic packaging service to meet specialised requirements.

To do this requires the recruitment, training and retention of a highly skilled workforce. Ongoing success means ongoing innovation and development, and at Protective Packaging, we are committed to ensuring our team continues to develop and enhance their skills.

In the past few months we have organised a large amount of training for our employees, resulting in 41% of our workforce successfully completing recognised certificated qualifications for their efforts.

In addition to this, Protective Packaging sets quarterly training and learning objectives for all employees linked to a bonus on completion. This initiative, as well as continuing to enhance cross-skilling and knowledge sharing throughout the business, also enables different departments to gain insight and understanding into other areas of the company.

While training is encouraged, more importantly, we want employees to be proactive in applying their knowledge and skills to improve how we work for the benefit of our customers, our employees and our working environment, which ultimately contributes to the ongoing success of our business. This constant development generates ideas to continuously improve our processes, with numerous contenders each month for our Super Suggestion Award.

One example of this is, following First Aid at Work training; one of our newly qualified First Aiders noted that no Defibrillator could be located within a mile of our business, significantly reducing the chance of a person’s survival in the unfortunate event of a cardiac arrest. While we would hope this would never be needed, to resolve this concern, Protective Packaging contacted neighbours on Dane Road Industrial Estate to jointly purchase one that could then be jointly accessed in an emergency. We are currently in discussion with one of our neighbours to acquire this potentially life saving resource.

While many initiatives may not have a potentially life saving impact, they all add up to continuous improvements in our service to our customers, which combine to maintain our position at the forefront of our industry.

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