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Here at Protective Packaging we pride ourselves on making it cheaper and quicker for us to convert our Barrier foils into 3D bags for our customers.

We can make 3D bags tailored to any specification which make them perfect for a variety of different applications. Our manufacturing facility runs 24 hours a day which enables us to offer rapid turnaround times on any job. Big or small!

That’s not all! We offer a range of high end consumables that will further increase you being able to guarantee perfect storage and delivery of your items. These include a range of different indicators, cushioning and desiccant. We can also provide you with heat sealers that work perfectly with our materials, so that you can fit and seal your products into the 3D bags yourself on site.

Our bags are converted from a extensive range of barrier foils. Each one perfect for different purposes. Manufactured from different combinations of materials offering varying properties. This includes anti-static bags which are perfect for sensitive electronic equipment.

Completely tailored protection!

Whatever your business and products, please contact our customer support team who will be able to design the perfect 3D bag for your requirements.

Oliver Lewis

Tailor made foil bag for machinery

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