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Since joining the company last month I have learnt a great deal about the company, the employees and the products.

Whilst I still have a lot more learning to do we mustn’t forget we have less than a month left before Christmas is here. Protective Packaging is in full swing firing the orders out to all our important customers before the Christmas Shut-down. At Protective Packaging we have our own set of elves busy in the workshop ensuring all the bespoke Aluminium Barrier Foil Laminate Bags or Foil Liners are made correctly so our customers can trust their products will be safe from the cold, wet and windy weather.

Hopefully our little elves might get a spare moment to write out their letters to Santa and get their letters posted off using the Xpander Pak Envelopes to ensure they make it to the North Pole undamaged.

Should you need any help or advise for your product needs please give our Customer Support team a call on 0161 976 2006 or email


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