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Corrosion Prevention

  • Bespoke Bags For Export Packers

    The way many Export Packers pack goods that are sensitive to moisture has changed thanks to  aluminium barrier foil packaging. Our aluminium barrier foil bags for Export Packers are traditionally manufactured in our hand fabrication facilities. We recently received a […]

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  • Packaging Guide for OEMs

    The term OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) refers to companies that manufacture pieces of industrial equipment or components. For OEMs, the right packaging is essential, as they need to ensure that the components they produce arrive at their destination in the […]

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  • 25kg Sacks and Handheld Heat Sealers

    Protective Packaging Ltd are regularly contacted by customers who are experiencing issues with their moisture and oxygen sensitive products that are arriving with their customers in an unacceptable condition. We have a simple solution. We can offer a 25kg sack […]

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