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Our Buddy Training System is designed to pass on the knowledge and skills acquired by those within Protective Packaging Ltd who have collectively accumulated many years of experience within the packaging industry.

The training often involves those with the benefit of that experience holding training sessions with the newer members of staff and people working in other departments, to pass on that knowledge in an interesting and easily digestible format, such as playing out real scenarios and doing quizzes. Joint visits to see customer applications are also useful. As a sales person, this Trainer role has been an enjoyable experience for me and very rewarding when I see the inherited knowledge I pass on to my colleagues being put to use.

However this is an industry which by it’s nature must constantly evolve, so we can never stop suggesting, trying and developing new ideas to maintain our position as a leader in our sector.

To that end I will soon be trained by Anthony Skelly in our production department, to advance my understanding of our barrier foil pouch, bag and liner conversion techniques. Not only will this enhance my knowledge of what is possible so I can work with our customers to supply the right product quickly and efficiently, but I hope to be inspired to come up with new ideas to enable us to continue providing bespoke climatic packaging solutions for even the most challenging of applications.



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