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Having recently moved home it, of course, meant that a “few” boxes joined us along the way to our new home!

I have a tendency to be very organised so prior to the big house move, I was packing our stuff up on a weekly basis and shipping the boxes off to my dutiful parents’ house. Unfortunately, my parents also didn’t have the space to store all our stuff in their house so the boxes were downgraded to garage accommodation!

Due to Britain’s unpredictable weather, particularly rainy Manchester, I wanted to get one step ahead and ensure that none of our belonging was going to be damaged by the unpredictable, wet climate!

To protect our belongings which ranged from food items all the way to electrical items, I ordered myself some Barrier Foil Box Liners which were custom made to fit the dimension of our corrugated boxes perfectly.

Barrier Foil Liners protect products that are susceptible to moisture and vapour damage during transportation or storage and by ordering through Protective Packaging Ltd, there was no minimum order quantity which made this the best packaging format and service for my needs at this time.

Buying a home, especially your first can be extremely stressful and emotional so the last thing I wanted was to be worrying about the condition of our belongings whilst in storage, however, Protective Packaging Ltd’s Barrier Foil Liners can also be advantageous to the dried product industry!

Some of our most popular applications are:

  • – Engineered Plastics
  • – Polymers and Resins
  • – Re-active Hot Melt Adhesives
  • – Pharmaceutical Intermediates
  • – Food Ingredients

For further information or a sample request, please contact our customer support team on 0161 976 2006 ext 2.


Author: Laura Carter, Accounts Department.

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