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My teenage son loved having parties at our house and after one of his friends dropped a bottle of red Bacardi Breezer on my beige carpet, I decided that enough was enough! Rather than put a stop to the parties, I bought a roll of blue case lining from Protective Packaging Limited. When I was going on holiday, and therefore knew that several parties would be held in my absence, I covered all my downstairs carpets with case lining, securing it around the edges with masking tape. I’ll admit this was a lot of effort, but it was worth it in the end to save my carpet from more stains.

However, the roll I bought was 200 metres in length, and I probably only used about 5 metres. I therefore have quite a large roll of blue case lining in my garage if anyone needs any for a party at their house (YOU MUST BE JOKING I hear you shout!). For a small fee, or an invitation to the party, you are welcome to have some of it.

My son has now moved out and peace is restored, for a while at least until he returns from University!

Julie Screeton